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Infomation of Course

Program Common [공통(상호인정)] Course Type Major Elective [ 전공선택 ]
Course Code 39.461 Course No CBE461
Section English English
L:L:C(AU) 3:0:3.0(0) Exam time
- Mon: 09:00~11:45
Course Title Biorefineries for fuel and Chemicals [ 생물 신연료 및 화학산업 ]
Class time
Mon: 09:00~10:30 / (W1-3)Dept. of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering [ (W1-3)생명화학공학과 ] (2116)
Wed: 09:00~10:30 / (W1-3)Dept. of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering [ (W1-3)생명화학공학과 ] (2116)

Information of Professor

Name 장호남(Chang, Ho-Nam)
Department 생명화학공학과(Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Phone N/A

Plan of Lecture

Syllabus File
Syllabus URL
Summary of Lecture This course will introduce a future of our planet earth and her energy prospects of post-fossil energy era of 150 years after the beginning of coal-based chemistry and 50 years after the beginning of petroleum-based chemistry. Nuclear, wind and solar energy will play more important roles in producing electricity while biomass-based liquid fuels such as ethanol, butanol and biodiesels will share their roles in the transportation sector.
This will cover several important industrial platforms such as syngas, sugar and volatile fatty acid platforms for liquid fuels production from biomass and will introduce various biomass-based commodity, specialty and fine chemicals. In 2014 fall semester, a process design and economical assessment of microbial biodiesel will be offered.
Material for Teaching Recommended (not required) : Vol 1&2 Biorefineries-Industrial Processes and Products' by Birgit Kam et al Iedited Wiley-VCH (2006)
Evaluation Criteria Midterm : 400, Final : 600
Homework; 500
Attendance: 300
Process Design 200
Lecture Schedule Week 1 : Introduction
Week 2 : Future and Energy of Our Planet Earth
Week 3 : Platforms for Fuels and Chemicals
Week 4 : Syngas Platform (CO+H2)
Week 5 : Sugar Platform
Week 6 : Volatile Fatty Acid Platform/Biodiesel Production
Week 7 : Carbohydrate-based Products Lines
Week 8 : Midterm Exam
Week 9 : Industrial Starch Platform
Week10 : Polarization Phenomena and Fouling
Week11 : Lignocellulose-based Chemical Lines/Industrial Lignin
Week12 : Amino-Acid Production and Protein based Polymers
Week13 : Bio-based Fats, Lipids and Oleochemicals
Week14 : Process parameters for microbial biodiesel plant (I)
Week15 : Economical assessment of microbial biodiese(II)
Week16 : Final exam