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Infomation of Course

Program Common [공통(상호인정)] Course Type Major Elective [ 전공선택 ]
Course Code 52.445 Course No CTP445
Section English English
L:L:C(AU) 3:0:3.0(0) Exam time
- Wed: 09:00~11:45
Course Title Augmented Reality [ 증강현실 ]
Class time
Mon: 10:30~12:00 / (N25)Dept. of Industrial Design Bldg. [ (N25)산업디자인학과동 ] (3229)
Wed: 10:30~12:00 / (N25)Dept. of Industrial Design Bldg. [ (N25)산업디자인학과동 ] (3229)
Notice 학/석사 상호인정

Information of Professor

Name 윤상호(Yoon, Sang Ho)
Department 문화기술대학원(Graduate School of Culture Technology)
Phone 042-350-2915

Education4.0 Q

Teaching Style Lecture 50%, Student-led classroom activities and learning activities 50%

Type of classroom interactions and learning activities (■: Yes / □: No)
□ Q&A/Quiz   ■ Debate/Discussion   □ Practice   ■ Project  
■ Demonstation/Experience   ■ Others ( )
Education4.0 Q Y

Plan of Lecture

Syllabus File
Syllabus URL http://
Summary of Lecture The interactive experience with digital context has been evolved in the past few decades from desktop/mobile environment to virtual reality (VR). Whereas VR places a user inside a completely computer-generated environment, AR goes beyond this scope by bridging the gap between the virtual and real world seamlessly. This course will introduce theories and applications related to augmented reality technology. Students will also learn basic skills to develop augmented reality applications and content.
Material for Teaching Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality: Interfaces and Design: Interfaces and Design (Optional)
Augmented Reality Principles and Practice(Optional)
Evaluation Criteria * The following evaluation criteria may change:
A. Classwork: 50% B. Group AR Project: 50%

* Letter grading(A~I)
Lecture Schedule