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Infomation of Course

Program Common [공통(상호인정)] Course Type Major Elective [ 전공선택 ]
Course Code 42.401 Course No MSB401
Section English
L:L:C(AU) 3:0:3.0(0) Exam time
Course Title Management of Technology Innovation [ 기술혁신경영 ]
Class time
Tue: 16:00~17:30 / (E11)Creative Learning Bldg. [ (E11)창의학습관 ] (202)
Tue: 17:30~19:00 / (E11)Creative Learning Bldg. [ (E11)창의학습관 ] (202)
Notice 전공선택II, 한국어 강의

Information of Professor

Name 김갑수(KarpSoo, Kim)
Department 기술경영학부(School of Business and Technology Management)
Phone 042-350-4912

Plan of Lecture

Syllabus File Syllabus- Management of Technology Management (2021 Spring).docx
Syllabus URL
Summary of Lecture Innovation is part of technology management. Today, with R&D investments exceeding $1 trillion USD worldwide, understanding the nature of innovation and its effective management is becoming increasingly important at the corporate, industrial, and national level. MSB401 course will cover mainly three areas of interest. (1) Learning from prior studies of major innovation theories developed over the past 80 years. (2) Learning about management that effectively creates innovation. You will learn about the major competencies in some successful cases. (3) Especially studying collaborative innovation among many kinds of innovation methods. Collaborative innovation has become more and more important for the convergence of IoT in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We will study the principles inherent in the success of collaborative innovation and study the process and methods of enhancing cooperation.
A significant portion of the course will consist of history, classification, analytic framework, and case-study regarding the topics in each lecture. Especially, the course will focus on studying inter-firm innovation from firm-level to industry level up to national level.
Material for Teaching - Main textbook : 첨부자료를 참고하셔요
- Auxiliary textbook :
Evaluation Criteria A, B, C, D, F(기본 방식)
Lecture Schedule
Memo 실시간 원격수업 (ZOOM)