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Infomation of Course

Program Master/Doctorate [석/박사과정] Course Type Elective(Graduate) [ 선택(석/박사) ]
Course Code 81.800 Course No ITM800
Section A English
L:L:C(AU) 3:0:3.0(0) Exam time
Course Title Special Topics(3) in Innovation and strategy<Case Development Process and Method of Technology Management> [ 혁신과 전략 특강(3)<기술경영사례 연구 방법론> ]
Class time
Fri: 16:00~19:00 / (N5)Basic Experiment & Research Bldg. [ (N5)기초실험연구동 ] (2125호)
Notice 기술경영전문대학원생만 수강가능 타대학,타학과 수강불가 석사3학기차,박사과정 수강

Information of Professor

Name 김갑수(KarpSoo, Kim)
Department 기술경영학부(School of Business and Technology Management)
Phone 042-350-4912

Plan of Lecture

Syllabus File Syllabus- Special Topics(3) in Innovation and Strategy (Case Development Process and Method of Technology Management) (2020 Spring).docx
Syllabus URL
Summary of Lecture Case study is a very useful method when there is still little previous research. It can explain in plenty many historical and time series situations surrounding the case. In a single case study, we can explore universality and specialty. In particular, cases where a monopoly or oligopoly position is located in the field are often used in practical research. Samsung, Amazon, Intel, or Huawei may be a good example. Case study is preferred because it has a very effective advantage when describing the process, the reasons, or the methods from a particular perspective.
A significant portion of the course ITM800 will consist of presentation and group discussion regarding the topics in each lecture. Each student will present their own developing case twice at a class. Special lectures will also be invited to share good research examples from former graduate students.
Material for Teaching - Main textbook : 첨부파일을 참조하시기 바랍니다.
- Auxiliary textbook :
Evaluation Criteria
Lecture Schedule
Memo 여러분, 수업자료(본자료+보조자료)는 KLMS에 업로드해 둘 것이니 다운로드 받으시고, 강의동영상은 캠코더로 녹화하여 올린 것을 보셔요. 학생은 수업자료와 동영상을 같이 보면서 학습하시기 바랍니다. 질의사항 답변사항은 KLMS에 있는 기능으로 가능합니다. 더 구체적인 것은 강의동영상 안에서 설명드릴께요.