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Infomation of Course

Program Master/Doctorate [석/박사과정] Course Type Elective(Graduate) [ 선택(석/박사) ]
Course Code 81.531 Course No ITM531
Section English Korean
L:L:C(AU) 3:0:3.0(0) Exam time
Course Title Nano-Convergence Technology Business Foresight(NTB) [ 나노 융합 기술사업화 ]
Class time
Thu: 19:00~22:00 / (N5)Basic Experiment & Research Bldg. [ (N5)기초실험연구동 ] (2125호)

Information of Professor

Name 전선곤(JUN, Johnson SG)
Department 기술경영학부(School of Business and Technology Management)
Phone N/A

Plan of Lecture

Syllabus File ITM531 나노융합기술사업화 Syllabus-JUN.pdf
Syllabus URL
Summary of Lecture 나노융합기술사업화 세계로의 여행: 차세대 기술융합 플랫폼인 나노테크놀로지에 대한 통합적
이해와 그에 따른 신사업 기획 요구에 부합하여 “나노융합 기술사업화 통찰“ 과목 신설.
과학기술 비전공자도 쉽게 나노기술에 대한 전반적인 이해를 얻도록 과목이 설계 되었으며, 더
나아가 나노융합의 미래 예측을 통한 기술사업화 유망 프로젝트 수행을 진행하여 나노에 대한
기술경영적 전문지식을 얻을 수 있도록 통합형 수업으로 진행
1. 나노테크놀로지에 대한 통합적인 이해 (나노초급: 나노기술을 기초에서부터 차근차근 조명)
2. 나노융합기술의 미래와 실전 사례 분석 (나노중급: 나노융합 통한 글로벌 유망 기술사업 이해)
3. 실전 나노융합 기술사업화 프로젝트 수행을 통한 신사업 기획 (나노고급: 나노비즈니스 모델링)
본 과목은 모든 기술의 융합플랫폼으로 주목받고 있는 나노테크놀로지에 대한 통합적인 이해와
나노융합기술을 이용한 새로운 사업을 기획, 통찰하는 것을 목적으로 한다. 아이디어, 발명,
지적재산, 초기 사업화 이니셔티브, 창업 등에 대한 단계별 요약 학습을 통해 기술경영의 실전
경험을 동시에 배양한다 . 기술경영학과에 특화된 실전 나노융합 기술사업화 프로젝트를 통해,
차세대 신성장 동력이 될 신기술-신사업 기획력을 획득하고, 값진 실제 경험을 체득한다.

In this class, students will gain the knowledge and foresight of nano technology and its convergence technology from many different perspectives: nano-based commercialization/tech-biz opportunities including vendors, service providers, enterprises, end-users, and government. This means that the students will learn about not only the past, current and future technology trends, but also their impact on the businesses and users. The fundamentals of nano technology will be introduced in the class. There will be several outstanding instructors for this class to cover a wide range of topics in nano technology. It is believed that the best way to engage students to learn and be excited about technology trends is through our special class projects including making the real start-up companies with the tec-biz idea from several presentations of their findings, and class discussions. The class environment is informal and designed to encourage class participation and close interaction between instructors and students
Material for Teaching
Evaluation Criteria Evaluation Criteria
Projects 60%
Final Exam 25%
Participation 15%
Total 100%
Lecture Schedule Tentative Lecture Outline

Introduction: Course Outline, “Why Nano, now?”
Nano’s Philosophy ‘Bottom-Up’, ‘Self-oriented’, and ‘Interface-matter’

NT-BT: NanoBio Customer / Products ? Part II
Nano Start-Up company, Nano Initiatives, Nano TEC-BIZ project

NT; Nano Technology Present (Investigation) ? Part I
NT: Nano Technology Future (Imagination) ? Part II

Nano Guru Interview Projects Overview
Nano-Tech. based Enterprise Opportunities Overview

[Week of Nano Convergence: nanobio Molecular Technology]

NT-BT; NanoBio Molecular Devices & Market

[Week of 2-D Nano: Graphene]

NT-IT: Nano Electronics

[Week of 1-D Nano: Nano Fiber]

NT-ET: Nano Electronics

[Week of Nano Molecular: Healthcare/Diagnostics ]

NT-HT: Nano Molecular Healthcare Systems

Technology Commercialization #1: IDEA, INVENT, I/Property, INITIATIVE
Technology Commercialization #2: INCORPORATE, INVEST, INNOVATE

Overview of Nano TEC-BIZ Project

Mid Recess (No Midterm)

Nano TEC-BIZ Project
Project #1 Selecting & Grouping, Due date: End of October

Group Analysis #1: Products, Markets
Group Analysis #2: Technologies, Businesses
Project #2 Project Report Submission, Due date: End of November

Present. Nano TEC-BIZ Project
Project #3 Class Presentation
Nano Technology Business Group (nTecBIz Inc.) Competition

Final Exam